Selling Your House On Social Media

If you are looking to sell your home fast, then social media would be the best place to start. There is not a better place to promote your home to a large number of people at the cost of zero dollars. Many quick home sales were advertised on social media. Just like a real estate broker you will want to make sure you take professional pictures and film a virtual tour. It is always better to hire the professional services of a photographer and videographer. The money you save on broker commissions will offset the small cost of paying for professional pictures and video editing. When first starting the process of selling your home on social media I would begin with the following steps.


Facebook & Instagram Personal Page. Once you get pictures back and virtual tour video I would immediately post the pictures on your personal Facebook & Instagram page along with a link to the virtual tour. Getting the word out to your inner circle right away your house being up for sale is the best way to get the word of mouth started.


Facebook & Instagram Stories. Post weekly stories with pictures and video tours of your home on Facebook & Instagram. This will be a weekly reminder to all of your followers that you are in the market to sell your home. Make sure to reply to all comments with any questions or feedback you receive.


Youtube. When you get your video tour back you will want to post it to Youtube. All of your links from your Facebook and Instagram posts will link to your Youtube page. If possible you will want to add some commentary throughout the video highlighting any sizzle features that you feel will enhance the sale of your home. Repeat those sizzle features in the video description below the video. Remember to leave your contact information in the video description box as well.


Paid Ads. This will cost you a little money but you may want to look at enhancing your Facebook & Instagram posts with paid ads. Paid ads will get your message out to a much larger audience which will greatly enhance the chances of you selling your home for top dollar.