Selling Your House In This New Market

It’s no secret that once the Federal Reserve (Feds) raised the interest rates in mid July it shifted the real estate market. Homes were selling at an incredible rate getting 20-30 offers in the first 48 hours on the market. More times than not sellers were getting offers at $20,000-$40,000 over list price.


Since the Feds raised the interest rates homeowners are not getting the same attention once they list it on the open market. Homeowners are having to go back to traditional tactics to get maximum exposure when selling their house.


Below are a few tips to reducing the amount of time your home will be on the market while still receiving a premium price when getting an offer.


1. Professional Pictures. Camera phones have made great advances over the years but they still do not compare to the quality of a professional photographer. It will be worth the $200-$300 investment.


2. Declutter. Make sure to get rid of as many items in the house as possible. The more open a room feels the better it will show to potential buyers.


3. Landscaping. The front yard is the first thing a potential home buyer will see when viewing your home. Make sure to pull all the weeds out. Trim any existing landscaping and add any new landscaping if needed. Always keep the grass cut and power wash the exterior if your budget allow.


4. Plug-Ins. You’ll always want to make sure your home has a fresh smell to it. This is a very affordable way to separate yourself from the rest of the competition in the neighborhood. You can go to your local Bath & Body Works to find a huge selection of fresh plug-ins.


5. Paint. If the budget allows put a fresh coat of paint on the high traffic areas of the house such as the kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom and living room. Go with a lighter, more neutral color to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The key is to appeal to the masses. The more specific you are the more you limit your buyers pool.