Selling Your Home on Youtube

With the real estate market being as hot as it is right now many sellers are wanting to explore the sellers market without the services of a real estate. If a seller has little equity in the house the 6% realtor commission may eat away at any money the seller could receive at closing.


Even though we don’t recommend selling a home on your own if there are no repairs needed on the property. It’s a proven fact that hiring a real estate will increase your sales price by 10-15%. So the 6% realtor commission you may pay will still get you a hire sales price in the end.


But for those that still feel a need to list there home as for sale by owner the first place you should start advertising your property is on social media. Social media is great way to bring awareness to your immediate network that you are selling your home. Not only is it the quickest way to adversity your house but it’s also the most cost effective way of selling your house. So what social media platform should you start at?


Youtube is a great place to start your social media marketing efforts. The best thing about Youtube is that you can give people a video tour of your property. Pictures can only say so much about the property. With people having limited time these days to visit properties, Youtube will give everybody a clear picture as to what your home has to offer.


If you have a small budget I would hire a professional to take the video for you. This make cost a few hundred dollars but they will make sure the lighting and editing is done to perfections.


Make sure to include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the description. You’ll also want to include the square footage, any updates that have been done, year the home was built, bedroom sizes and any special features the home may have.

In the Title of the video you’ll want to include the address with city and zip along with the list price.