Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops

GraniteMany of the benefits associated with granite countertops include the beauty, durability, and increasing your home value. Granite has a natural beauty with many different shades, colors, and textures for you to choose from. There is a shade and design of granite to match any type of décor in any home. Granite has fascinating colors with swirls and specks that you can see right through the stone. No granite patterns are the same on different slabs. What is nice is that if your neighbor chooses the same color, the design on the granite will not be the same. This also means, when you do decide on a shade and a color you should be sure that you pick your granite from the same slab if you need to cover more than one counter. This will ensure that you have the same pattern throughout your counters.

Another benefit to choosing granite countertops is for the durability of the material. As one of the most durable materials you can use for your counters, you don’t have to worry about staining and burn marks from hot pots and pans. The granite is very resistant to wear and it maintains the beautiful and new look for many years. It is almost impossible to scratch the surface of granite. The only two things that can scratch granite is another piece of granite or diamonds. But if ever you need to remove stains, fix chips or cracks, call a service that can cover all your countertop repair needs.

One of the biggest benefits of adding granite countertops to your home is that you are increasing the value of your home. This is because granite has a luxury look that no other type of countertop can beat. Often times, the kitchen can be the selling point in a home for many buyers. If you do decide to sell your home, you will be surprised with the return on investment you have made by putting in granite countertops.

Another benefit you can enjoy by choosing granite is that after the seal has been placed on the surface they are easy to keep clean. Your environment is more sanitary than tile because you don’t have to worry about bacteria and molds growing in the grout. Granite provides the perfect environment if you are concerned about hygiene. All you need is a soft cloth to clean the surface of your counters also.

People also love to cook on granite countertops because of the cool surface. Cooks that work with pastry and dough favor granite. Many people find themselves cooking a lot more because the counters are easier to clean and they don’t have to pull out additional surfaces for mixing.

Granite vs Other Countertop Materials

If you are having a difficult time deciding which countertop you should go with for your kitchen remodel, there are several things that you should think about. Marble and laminate are two options that people think about when they are looking at countertops. There are a few problems with these two materials. The saying that you get what you pay for applies to laminate. You can get a really cheap countertop but the quality and durability should not be an issue for you if you choose laminate counters. You also must think about staining, scratching, cracks, and other issues that come with laminate.

Marble counters have issues too. Marble is susceptible to scratching, dulling, and staining issues that can cost quite a bit of money to have repaired. Things that can stain marble include things like oily liquids because they seep deep into the spaces between the crystals of the marble. Even if you apply a sealant to your marble, liquids can still seep through. Some products with acid in them can eat into the marble also. This is because marble is a carbonate and acids like lemon juice and vinegar being spilled on them will actually cause a fizzy reaction as it eats away at the counter. Marble is also much more expensive than granite is. Granite has no issues with damaging and durability and it clearly is the best option for your kitchen countertops.

Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops.

Having granite countertops is the current trend in kitchen countertops. There are many reasons why they are so popular. This building stone is one of the hardness known, very resistant to water and air, and have a low rate of wear and tear so they are very long lasting. It is an igneous rock that makes granite available in many colors, so it can be used for various applications. It is also a rock that can be found all over the world so it is available almost anywhere. A granite slab can weigh as much as eight kilograms per square foot.

As with any countertop, there are pros and cons of having granite countertops.


-It looks awesome, very elegant, and pleasing to the eyes.
-It comes in a variety of designs, colors, grains, and patterns. There are over three thousand countertop designs.
-The finish can be polished or left unfinished, which gives it a natural look.
-It is very durable and after having granite countertop installation you will only need to do low maintenance on the countertop. When washing your granite countertop you can use a strong detergent or normal soap. Most are resistant to chemicals you should not have problems if you use a detergent that is chemical based on the countertop.
-Being water resistant you do not have to be concerned about liquids being spilled on your countertop. You just have to be sure that you clean the spill up and keep the countertop dry. The reason is that if you leave any liquid the countertop for too long it could stain the surface of the granite slightly.
-Although they are also resistant to heat and are able to stand high temperatures you should still sit your hot dishes on a hot pad or trivet.
-The countertops are resistant to various bacterias.


-When comparing your granite countertops with other materials and stones used to make countertops, granite is usually on the more expensive side

-Periodically they will require sealing to help protect the countertop from developing any stains and absorbing liquids if left too long on the countertop.
-No two slabs of granite are the same, which makes these countertops unique. The drawback is that no slabs are exactly the alike in grain, color, or pattern. The disadvantage is if you need a replacement for any reason or you do not have enough granite to finish the countertop there is a possibility that you not get the exact pattern, color, or grain again. If it is possible you should purchase more than you need in case you need it later.