Is your home in need of repairs but don’t have the time or money getting it to the standards of todays buyers? St Louis Homebuyers, LLC buy houses in AS-IS condition. Since our inception in 2009, we have helped hundreds of homeowners who who needed a quick cash settlement to sell their house. We are a locally owned company that can help homeowners is a variety of way.

Quick Cash Offers. When a seller is in a situation where they need to sell fast without any contingencies, often times a cash settlement is the best option. With a cash offer you are eliminating the long, dragged out financing period when working with your typical retail buyer. At the very least it will take 30-45 days to close the loan using traditional financing. With a cash buyer however, the deal can be closed in as little as 7 days.


Short Sales. When a homeowner in a hardship situation owes more than what the property is worth a short sale can be a very logical path to take. St Louis Homebuyers, LLC specializes in short sale negotiations with the bank. A short sale is when the bank will take less for the property than what is currently owed on the current mortgage. Even though it can be a lengthy process it is often times the only chance you have to avoid foreclosure.


Leave The Unwanted Items. Often times sellers are under the impression that they have to completely clean out the house in order to sell it. We understand this can be a burden on the seller and more important be very expensive. With our aggressive approach to buying real estate we are able to see through the clutter and will not require the seller to remove any unwanted items.


No Realtor Commissions or Closing Costs. We want to save the homeowner as much money as possible. With current broker fee’s at 6-8% we are able to save homeowners thousands of dollars helping them avoid this fee. Another way we are able to save homeowners money is by covering the closing costs associated with the purchase. The only expense that comes out of the sellers end are the prorated taxes for the year and any unpaid utility bills.