How To Maintain An Oil & Electric Furnace

St Louis Homebuyers_Electric FurnaceAccording to experts like CM Heating – furnace installation, there are so many burners that are oil-fired used in various areas in the country as the main source of heat for their heating system installation. The most common oil systems that are used by a majority are referred to as pressure burners. These pressure burners function by having oil sprayed to a certain chamber where it is burned at high pressures while being propelled by blowers while electric sparks usually ignite them. The combustion process continues as the mist continues to be sprayed. This type of a heating system does not cause so much trouble and it is easily maintained, plus, if you have a  home warranty, you can easily get covered for future repairs. Visit the First American website to get all the details.

However, in order for it to operate efficiently, it requires proper heating maintenance. Regardless of the type of furnace that you have got, it is imperative to ensure that you keep it operating at the best and top condition. There are various maintenance aspects that are complex in nature and those should be left to the certified hvac professionals to undertake. There are some quick fixes that you could get involved in on your own and you ought to carry them out to ensure the furnace runs properly. If it runs well, then you will also manage to keep expensive repairs and heating costs down. Below are some useful points on how to maintain as well as troubleshoot the furnace that you own. For additional furnace maintenance guidance visit

Oil Filters
The oil filter that is used by the oil-fired burners ought to be well cleaned or changed at the beginning of the season that heating will be required as well as when the season gets midway. It is wise to change the filters at least three or even four times in a single year to ensure maximum performance. In order to replace or clean your filter, you should ensure that you do not forget to close the shutoff valve of the oil that is found between the filter and the fuel tank.

Oil Furnaces: Stack & Oil Control
There are types of oil furnaces that have double master switches. The first one is found next to the burner unit while the other is either near or at a distance to the furnace. During the maintenance, the master switches ought to be set in their ON position before doing anything. The oil furnace has a stack control that is found in the stack. This refers to a type of a safety device that is used to monitor how the oil burner operates. If for any instance the burner does not ignite, the stack control proceeds to shut the motor off. If for instance the furnace shuts down, more often than not this issue is usually caused by the stack control, which could be malfunctioning as opposed to the burner.

Draft Regulator: Burner Adjustment & Limit Switch
There is a draft regulator that is usually found in the stack and it remains closed during the moments when the burner is not on and it opens in an automatic way when one turns on the burner. Its function includes letting in air inside the chimney once it is turned on. If there is any rattling noise or soot that has accumulated, they are signs that signify the need for the draft regulator to get adjustments. It should be done carefully to ensure that there is neither a lot of air entering inside the chimney as it would waste heat nor little airflow inside as it would waste fuel. Fuel would be wasted as it would not get combusted completely as it should due to sufficient air. Ensure that the counterweight is screwed inward if you wish to add the airflow and screw it outward if you wish to decrease it. It is advisable to note that the draft regulator adjusting ought to be one of the activities that you let a furnace repair professional to conduct. This would be during the time that they come for their annual regular maintenance.

There is a limit switch that is meant for safety control and it is usually located on your furnace specifically below the furnace’s plenum. The moment the plenum increases in hotness, this limit switch is supposed to shut the burner off. The limit switch is also capable of shutting off the blower too in the event that temperatures drop to certain levels when the burner is shut off. If you notice that your blower continues running, the issue could be as a result of the thermostat blower control having being set to ON position. It could also be an indicator that the limit control switch could be in need of some adjustments.

Electric Furnace Troubleshooting
Electric heating systems have a host of advantages over the other types of heating systems available in the market. However, their own operational costs repel quite a huge number of people from purchasing them as their furnace systems in today’s market. The higher operating costs point towards the huge need to ensure that heat loss is minimized more than the other types of heating systems. This heat loss is usually mitigated by inadequate insulation and ducts that are installed improperly. On a positive note however, the operation costs of this heating system tend to lower over their lifespan than any other heater types. If you want to switch to this heating system, or your old one does not do the job anymore, get a professional HVAC company to do the heating replacement.

Dos and Don’ts
When carrying out the maintenance of any type of a heating system, it is important to ensure that all complex matters especially involving vital elements of the heating systems are handled by hvac service experts. You should always call in a professional heating contractor to clean and also adjust the electric furnace to ensure you get energy efficiency at its maximum. This should always be done before every season that the heating will be required. You can carry out the repairs of a simple nature but you should not attempt to carry out any repairs on relays, electrical connections and heating elements. This should also extend to the other components that are similar to the one found in an electric furnace. It would be safe to leave the complex work to the experts who are professionally trained and certified to handle furnace repair and other stuff for the best service at the end of the day. This would also save you lots of money that you would have to spend in replacing your heating system because of a fault caused by yourself or an untrained person. When looking for the best heating company for your home needs go online and visit their website.