How To Sell a Home When The Market Slows Up

After the school year starts the real estate market tends to slow up a bit. You go from listings getting multiple offer 1 day on market to not getting any showings for an entire week. There may be several factors contributing to this such as buyers waiting until after the holidays or Spring time to start looking for houses again. Whatever the reason there is certainly a “slower” period this time of year but keep in mind there a still active buyers out at even given time in every market. The key is to attract these buyers and separate your listing from every body else’s in the neighborhood. You may need professional real estate services such as property conveyancing to make your listing more attractive and sell your home faster.

Below are 4 things you can due to get a faster sale on your home during the slower months.

1. Price competitively. Reducing the price will always create more attraction to a listing, make sure to consult a valuer from Perth Property Valuers first to avoid reducing the price too much lower than your home’s worth. Pay attention to what the other houses in the neighborhood are listed at. If you can afford it dropping the price $5,000-$10,000 lower than your competition will certainly get your home added to the “we gotta see” list. Even when the odds are stacked against you, you are always prepared to thrive in dire situations because you are well-developed by the best real estate school.

2. Keep up the curb appeal. Depending on what part of the country you live in the leaves may be piling up in the yard. Make sure to do a thorough cleanup every week to keep your landscaping looking fresh. Often times when not kept up a listing could look tired and old to a potential buyer.

3. Maintain comfortable temperatures in the house. If a house is vacant I often times see sellers keeping the temp lower in order to save money on the utilities. The slower months in real estate tend to be when it starts getting colder out. The last thing a potential buyer wants to do is walk into a freezing cold house after having some walked in from the freezing cold outside. Keep your home warm and cozy so all of your buyers can feel right at home

4. Sizzle Features. Sizzle features are a great way to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. It can be something big or small such as a new hot tub in the back yard or a installing ship lap in your dining room. Give a potential buyer something to remember your house by. It may be an added expense now but should pay off in the end with a quick house sale at top dollar. You can consult a conveyancing melbourne lawyer if you need legal advice.

You may hire a realtor to help you sell your home during the “slow” phase of the market.