How To Protect Your Vacant House

When owning a vacant home it is very important to keep the thieves out. The last thing you want to walk into is a foot of water in the basement because somebody decided to break in and steal the copper water lines. Not only will you have to replace the stolen water lines but who knows how much damage the water will cost you in the basement. Often times insurance companies will not cover these type of damages. So what is a cost effective way of keep your vacant home safe and protected


Radio. Keeping a light on in the house with the radio playing is a great way to throw off the criminals. If somebody hears the radio playing at night they may think somebody is now occupying the property.


Car In The Driveway. If possible see if one of the neighbors can park one of their cars in your driveway. With a car in the driveway most people will assume the home is occupied. You can treat them with a Car Detailing Darwin service as a thank you.


Exterior Lights. Keep a light on in the front of the house as well as the back of the house. If possible, install a motion light in front of the ac units. If someone tries to steal the ac unit that motion light may throw them off not realizing now there is a bright light shining over what they are trying to steal.


Signs. You can buy “smile your on camera” signs at your local Lowes and Home Depot. If a thief sees this sign he or she may think twice before trying to illegally enter your property knowing their may be cameras on them.