How To Buy Off Market Properties

In today’s competitive real estate market many buyers are trying to buy homes before they go on the market. This will eliminate competition and avoid having to pay $20,000 or $30,000 over list price. The problem is most people don’t have any idea of how to find an off market property. Below are a few tips that will give you access to some of the local real estate deals before they go on the open market.


Real Estate Agents. Interview a handful of your local real estate agents who specialize in the area’s you are looking to purchase in. Agents who have specialty neighborhoods that the’ve been working in for years tend to have a pulse on all the sellers who may have an interest in selling in the future. They may also know other real estate agents in their office who having something getting ready to go on the market. Maybe you can thrown in an offer before the listing goes live.


Social Media. If you continually make posts saying you are looking for a home in a specific neighborhood the odds are good that after a while you will get some high quality leads.


Local Real Estate Investors. Go to the local real estate meetup club and see if the host will make an announcement that you are looking for a house in a certain area. You may get some rehabbers who reach out with a project they are getting ready to finish.


HOA. Most neighborhoods have a Home Owners Association (HOA). The head of these HOA’s usually have a pulse on the activity that is going on in the neighborhood and may have some leads on an off market house a seller may be looking to sell. If there is a newsletter that goes out every month see if you can put an ad in there stating that you are looking to buy in the neighborhood.