A home inspection is a very critical process done before buying or selling a house. Doing inspections before buying a home can help to reveal problems that could not have noticed. Inspection reveals what the seller needs to fix before selling the house.

If you are a seller, the inspection will give you the opportunity to understand the problems and fixing them before putting it on the market.

A home inspection should be comprehensive and should cover structural integrity, mechanical systems, and cosmetic features among other aspects of the house. The inspection should cover electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling systems. The inspector should also cover baths, garages, insects, parapets, exterior walls insects’ chimney, foundation slabs and exterior walls. Checking all parts of the kitchen such as sinks, counters, cabinets, garbage disposals and faucets, are also critical.


Reasons why a home inspection is very important:

1.Reveal underlying problems: no matter how old a house is, there could be costly problems that are not easily noticeable. There could be problems with plumbing or wiring that requires an expert to check.

2. Help to save money: A home inspection is cheap to perform, and failing to may mean spending a lot of money to rectify a problem that could have been noticed during the inspection.

3. Negotiate: home inspection reveals some problems that you will not have been able to notice. This allows the buyer to negotiate for better prices.

4. Reveal that the seller should repair: inspection help to reveal damages that might require the seller to repair before selling the house. If the seller is not willing to complete the repair, the cost of repair will be estimated and deducted from the selling price.

5. Inspection helps you to know what you are buying: home inspection allows you to understand the house you are looking to buy and compare it with other available houses.


What to inspect during the inspection:

During the inspection day, the inspector will start the process with a site evaluation. The inspector will then take a tour with the stakeholders while pointing out any potential problems. During this time, it is important to pay attention and ask questions where necessary. A thorough inspection should be able to reveal problems poor plumbing, mold and mildew growth and well as various safety hazards available in the house.

At the end of the inspection process, the inspector will deliver a written report that details all the findings. The in section reports will include all photographs and descriptions of the defect and various damages found in the house. The documentation will help to understand nature and locations of various damages, making easier to get a repair estimate.

Does a house inspector have expertise in various fields? Inspection service provider should include experts from the different field to be able to analyze the house thoroughly. However, some may not be having all the expertise and may not be thorough. Not that, the inspection process will be done and completed within a single day, and the inspectors should be as thorough as possible. Although they will not be able to identify all the problems in the house, they should be able to notice the major one and produce a comprehensive report about it:


How to find the best home inspector:

Choosing the right house inspector before buying a home is very critical. Ask friends and family members for recommendations. You can also look for a list of inspectors and study various customers’ reviews to learn more about the inspectors. You can also do research by asking the prospective inspector different questions to do with their backgrounds, their experience, the number of inspections they have to perform and the kind of report they provide. Here are some of the factors to consider while looking to hire a home inspector:


1.Professional certification:

Although some states do not have licensing requirements, professional certification is very critical. There are various professional certifications that help to improve the performance of an inspector. Professional certification helps to improve the performance professional contact of a person, and hiring accredited inspector makes a lot of sense.

2. Training:

Find out the type of training that your inspector has received and the level of education that your inspector has achieved. There is some inspection training program available out there, and a successful complication shows how much baseline knowledge an inspector has.

3. A number of years in the field:

The high the level of experience, the more the knowledge the inspector has in the field. Proper inspection can only be done by someone who understands the house inspection process well. Your inspector should be having in mind possible problems that he can encounter and how to do the inspection process thoroughly. Your inspector should understand the varying methods of construction, building codes in different areas, age as well as weather-related issues, tendencies that are related to particular types of dwellings, and the knowledge of both single unit and multi-unit dwellings.

4. Insurance:

Although insurance may not be a state requirement for home inspectors, the best service providers have error and omissions insurance. The insurance helps to protect the buyer from liability in the case where the inspection was either faulty or fraudulent. Hiring an insured inspector to allows the buyer to rest assured that the house was inspected properly and fully protected.

5. Client Involvement:

The best home inspector should involve the client in some stages. He should invite the client during the inspection day and allow the client to ask the question where necessary. This demonstrates the knowledge that the inspector has and that he is not hiding anything. This also offers an opportunity to educate the client about potential issues. During this moment, the inspector would also answer questions and ensure that the client has understood everything.



Having a reputable, experienced and knowledgeable home inspector is paramount while looking to buy a home as it determines the future enjoyment of your home. Hiring reputable home inspectors is the best way of protecting your investment. The home inspector should have enough knowledge in home inspection and should be able to perform the inspection process thoroughly while involving clients at some points.