In the real estate business, it's important to keep in mind that active buyers are constantly comparing different homes. They don't always purchase the first house they see. As a matter of fact, they usually spend a few months searching for the perfect fit.


As a real estate agent, it can become difficult to get more listings whenever clients are scarce. This is the main reason why it's crucial to continuously search for prospective customers to include in your listings. There are certain marketing strategies which have been proven to be very effective in these types of situations. In order for you to get more listings, you have to understand that the real estate industry is all about creating rapport with your customers. It's about building trust which will ultimately encourage them to make the purchase. It's vital to be proactive and consistently make new connections. This will help you reach your goals in a timely manner.


Always be on the lookout for newly discovered marketing strategies which are effective in getting successful listings. It's always best to be more proactive in your efforts in order to close more sales. Here are 5 additional tips to help you get more listings this 2017.


1. Focus on the previous clients of your real estate co-workers
If you work in a broker office, you will have access to various types of previous clientele which your company has dealt with. Similar to every other company, there will always be real estate employees who would leave the job and resign. This means that you would always have a multitude of prospective clients you can include in your listings. The best way to do it is by directly asking your broker for the previous files of successful buyers. By doing so, you will have a better chance of getting more listings. Since the previous files of successful clients are already tried and tested, it will give you a great advantage. Make sure to contact these previous clients directly and inform them that you are taking over your previous co-worker's role. Then, you can ask them if they're currently looking for certain real estate properties. You'll never know if some of them are actually interested unless you try.


2. Locate the empty nesters from previous files
Another great way to get more real estate listings is by locating the empty nesters. These are the people who have purchased real estate properties from your company a few years back. For example, a couple who has purchased a larger property twenty years ago to cater to their five children may no longer need a big house. Most likely, their children are all grown up by now and they're living in their own places. The same couple who purchased the larger home in the past may be looking to downgrade their living space. These empty nesters are most likely looking for a smaller home which is more ideal for two people. You can help them make the transition easier by offering them the most suitable real estate property which suits their lifestyle.


3. Send a thoughtful card
If you review the files of your previous clients from five, ten or fifteen years ago, you may still be able to contact them. One of the best ways to get in touch with your previous clients is by sending them a thoughtful card. They will surely appreciate an anniversary card from the real estate agent who sold them their current property. You can simply send them an anniversary card and let them know that you're still available if they're looking for a new property. It's important to create life long relationships with your clients so that you can easily convince them to check out your most coveted properties. If they say they're not interested as of right now, you can ask them if they know anyone who is looking to purchase a new home.


4. Contact people who have their current homes for sale
When you're driving past your local area, keep an eye out for houses which have the "For Sale By Owner" sign on them. People who are selling their current house need a new property to live in. Additionally, you can also help them sell their house more quickly. It's important to be confident in knocking on their doors and trying to build a conversation. Once they are interested in hearing what you have to say, you can inform them about your brilliant ideas regarding how you'll be able to help them. Although nobody wants to be deemed a door to door sales person, it still remains to be one of the most effective ways of building your clientele. Do not lose hope when you get your first rejection since there will always be homeowners who will be willing to speak with you. It's important to practice patience and perseverance in these types of situations.


5. Locate pocket listings or off market listings
In the real estate industry, real estate agents usually build strong networks among one another. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with potential listings and deals. There would always be some real estate agents who will be willing to share their off market listings with you. These are also sometimes referred to as pocket listings. Additionally, if you work for a brokerage firm they usually release upcoming listings to all of their agents.


Most of the time, this is conducted a few weeks before they are distributed to MLS. In order to gain more successful real estate listings for your portfolio, you need to be acquainted with an agent who is well connected in the industry. This remains to be one of the best ways to gain more clients and close more deals. The more well connected real agents you know, the better your chances are of getting more listings. Always keep in mind that the real estate industry is all about creating rapport and building connections, not only with your clients but also with your co-workers. Once you have an array of several well connected real estate agents, you are on your way to receiving more listings.