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We are looking to work with you! We work with realtors all across the St Louis & St Charles area. We buy all types of homes from full guts and teardowns to cosmetic updating. We have the ability to pay cash and are very flexible on closing dates. We will even put down hefty down payments to insure a smooth closing.

Hiring The Right Home Inspector

By St Louis Homebuyers LLC | Feb 16, 2017

       A home inspection is a very critical process done before buying or selling a house. Doing inspections before buying a home can help to reveal problems that could not have noticed. Inspection reveals what the seller needs to fix before selling the house. If you are a seller, the inspection will give…

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Buying a Home In St Louis: Brentwood Missouri

By St Louis Homebuyers LLC | Feb 8, 2017

Brentwood is an attractive city for families and those looking for affordable real estate properties. Although it now offers one of the most appealing homes and neighborhoods, Brentwood Missouri wan not always like that. In fact, it was one of the crime-prone areas back in the early 20th century and was known by its many…

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5 Additional Tips To Getting More Real Estate Listings

By St Louis Homebuyers LLC | Jan 31, 2017

In the real estate business, it’s important to keep in mind that active buyers are constantly comparing different homes. They don’t always purchase the first house they see. As a matter of fact, they usually spend a few months searching for the perfect fit.   As a real estate agent, it can become difficult to…

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Foreclosure Prevention

We Can Help You Make An Informed Decision Whether You Are Looking To Sell Your Home Or Save Your Home From Foreclosure! Our goal is to put power back in your hands. When faced with a pending foreclosure, the best advice I can give you is to ACT NOW AND DON'T HESITATE.


"I've know Matt for over a year in a half now and we've closed 18 deals together. He's never not closed on a deal. He's very easy and professional to work with. Everyone I know thats done a deal with him has said it's been a joy. Thank you Matt!"

- Gretchen Smith - Agent - Coldwell Banker Gundaker 

"I'm at the Title Company right now after 2 weeks. I was dealing with Matt and he did everything so swiftly and got everything done. I'm so thrilled with him I can't believe it. Thank you Matt!

- Barbara Smith - Seller

"Matt has just bought my parents house. It was very easy. He came out and looked at the property and evaluated it. It was very easy to conclude the business. We were with the title company within 2 weeks and everything is completed and we are very happy."

Karen S. - Seller